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Too Fat To Run

The Too Fat To Run project has now come to the end of it’s phase. We hope that it will be up and running again soon.

Here’s a documentary which charts the achievements of the women that took part in the first phase.


Do you struggle to think of yourself as a ‘proper runner’?
Do you want to run, but want to lose weight first? 
Do you think 'I’d love to sign up for that race… but

maybe when I’m thinner?'

It is time for us ‘fat girls’ to stand together and be counted in the mainstream running world. Put your trainers on and join Barking and Dagenham’s FREE new running club just for women. 

Too Fat to Run? is about changing attitudes to running, breaking down some of the stereotypes and misconceptions about the sport.  The project is aimed at women 30+ who self-identify as being inactive or overweight. The project never focuses on distance or speed and instead focuses on community and friendship, celebrating progress however it comes. The programme is supported by a very successful online coaching and thriving virtual community.



Many women on previous Too Fat to Run? courses have started as completely inactive, struggle to be consistent with sport, have health issues, suffer with anxiety/depression or self esteem issues.

Read more about Too Fat to Run? and Julie’s own story to here.

To register your interest in becoming a participant or leader, contact: | 020 8594 7136

Join our Facebook Group TFTR?Barking&Dagenham

For tips and advice on how to get active and be healthy visit the NewMe website here. 

Too Fat to Run? is a unique, established running fitness programme run by plus-size marathon runner and award-winning blogger, Julie Creffield, which to date has helped thousands of inactive women survive and thrive in the sport of running, helping them fall in love with sport, grow in confidence and improve their health.

Photo credit: Camilla Greenwell

Photo credit: Camilla Greenwell

Photo credit: Saira Awan

Photo credit: Saira Awan


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