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Mervenil Emiroglu - Interview

Studio 3 Arts and The Boundary Road Gallery are proud to invite Mervenil Emiroglu to exhibit in our unique space this August 2015 (3rd - 28th, Private View 14th August). Ahead of the exhibition, we decided to sit down with Mervenil to understand the upcoming exhibition a little more.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your practice.

I studied Fine Art at the University of Creative Arts and since I graduated I am continuing with my practice. I would like to think that my practice is varied and not stagnant; it offers different visuals and concepts within. It is more researched based but lately some of my paintings became more processed based which is more abstract then my other paintings. I also appropriate used chocolate foils, which then become miniature busts. I am interested in lost memories, history, meanings and cultures, evoking both the familiar and unfamiliar. I am also concerned with social issues, the bizarre and deeply rooted traditions. These are deeply rooted traditions as old as the Ancient Romans that are still practiced today: I love reading old texts such as Socrates, that inspire the work I make and how it develops.

It is exciting that since I graduated, my works have been selected into different exhibitions, and in May all my ‘Circus’ paintings that have been selected will be shown in the exhibitions of the Bath Fringe Arts Festival. The exhibition is entitled: ‘Belongings’.


Why did you answer the call to show at Studio 3 Arts?

I wanted to show my work and share it with as many people as I can. I wanted to see what others think and take from my work. When the opportunity arose for the Studio 3 open call, it sounded the right place to be as an emerging artist. They are open to different ideas, and new pieces that are in their early stages of development. They are dedicated to curate a diverse range of exhibitions. It is all very exciting to be a part of this programme.

I would like to create a show that everyone will be familiar and can interact with. I hope it will evoke emotions and maybe raise some questions at the same time”

What can we expect from your show?

I want to create a show where a wide range of my works will be displayed and even though they may look very different to each other, they have a very similar concepts running throughout. I hope this will create a rapport that not only connects with each other but also more importantly with the audience. The chocolate foils that became little busts reconciles with the audience, as it is very familiar material to all, the paintings of ornaments or animals that we all know and love. Therefore I would like to create a show that everyone will be familiar and can interact with. I hope it will evoke emotions and maybe raise some questions at the same time.

What’s next for you, after your residency at Studio 3 Arts?

I will continue developing with my practice. I am immediately involved in another show in London, where I will participate with my paintings as a performance. These are part of the ‘fragment’ series where I compose a drawing and then tear it into pieces and start drawing the outlines of the pieces on a canvas and paint. It reminds me of ‘paint by numbers’; but this is more organic and spontaneous, as you never know where the pieces will land on the canvas as I throw them from above.

Learn more about Mervenil's work and her latest news and exhibitions via her Website, Twitter and Facebook page.

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