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Mental Spaghetti - Marie Louise Plum (Interview)

Tell us a bit about yourself and your practice.

Mental Spaghetti is an arts and mental health organisation, bringing together marginalised groups of society – specifically mental health service users and individuals with lived experience of mental health issues – and the general public.

Since 2011 we have provided a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work to a wider audience, often working one-to-one with service users to teach them the skills they need to create their own opportunities and gain a wider audience in the all-too-often exclusive, and tricky to navigate, world of creative arts.

We work closely with selected artists who have lived experience of mental health difficulties, or are on the fringes of society due to social and environmental factors, to promote and develop their work and creativity.

We offer creative workshops, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and creative writing, amongst other practices. 


Why did you answer the call to show at Studio 3 Arts?

We were interested in working with Studio 3 Arts to deliver creative workshops to the local community and surrounding area. 

Our creative workshops,  at all skill levels, from the complete novice to practicing and established artists, are open to both service users, marginalised groups of society, and the general public, we bring together individuals in communities who may not usually interact with each other.

We are currently working with various groups and charities in Barking to offer their clients creative experience.


What can we expect from your show?

Our exhibition features the work of our lead artist, Marie-Louise Plum, Jan Arden and David Feingold, all on the subject of creativity and mental health. 

Marie's work focuses on memory, experience and mental states. Marie will be exhibiting a selection of masks and 2D visual arts, including drawings and paintings. Jan Arden, 'shamanic artist', is exhibiting large scale, intricate drawings on the subject of folk tales, shamanism and identity. David Feingold will be exhibiting digital print work of figurative distortions. 


What’s next for you, after your residency at Studio 3 Arts?

After our Studio 3 Arts residency we take the Mental Spaghetti Roadshow to Bedfordshire, Essex and back to London again for an event on World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2015, and a group exhibition of Mental Spaghetti artists at the Menier Gallery in January 2016.

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