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Work Experience - Ade

Ade, our work experience placement (Early July) has reached the end of her two-week stay here at Studio 3 Arts HQ. We decided to have a sit down with Ade and discuss her experience with us and what she got up to:

"During my time at Studio 3 Arts, I have had a massive impact of experiences. I only knew briefly about what they (S3A) do but being involved has made me learn a lot about the company e.g.- the company has different departments that organises things. 

My first day at Studio 3 Arts, I received a very warm and positive welcoming from everyone which I didn’t expect.  It made me feel extremely comfortable, knowing that I don’t have to come into work experience with a negative vibe.

During my work experience, each day I did different activities that involve art, which I am very interested in. It was very intriguing because I met new people everyday and even helped out too. In communicating with these different people, I realised everyone has different reasons on why they visit Studio 3 Arts.

Overall, I don’t only see Studio 3 Arts as a professional arts company and charity but I see it as a family, the bond and care between each other is amazing. It makes me delighted to have an opportunity to be involved with Studio 3 Arts. I wish to keep being involved with Studio 3 Arts in the future."

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