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The Open Estate VIP Event

Around 25 people attended the launch of the Open Estate’s Living Museum, including councillors and long-serving residents.

The Studio 3 Arts team, who are running the project, are building a mock 1960’s living room in their quest to revisit the area’s past.

The artists and dwellers of the estate have transformed the shop next to Gascoigne Fish Bar by sharing their memories over the past six months.

Steve Lawes, 22, a trainee project officer at Studio 3 Arts, said: “It’s good to be open now. In the next few weeks we’re looking to conduct interviews with local people to get their perspective about living on the estate.

“We also have a Gascoigne cabinet of travelling treasures which is a suitcase of artefacts given to us from people on the estate and we’re going to start building the living room soon.”

Also on display at the St Mary’s Parade site in Barking is an essay about the history of the estate.

Steve encouraged anyone with stories or memories of the area to pop into the museum, which is now open between 11am and 7pm on Tuesdays and 11am and 3pm on Saturdays.

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