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Monday 21 October, 7pm

I WANNA BE YOURS is a new play by Zia Ahmed.

I WANNA BE YOURS is a lyrical, funny, tender play about finding love and holding onto it with everything you’ve got. A debut from Zia Ahmed, it is a brand new touring show from the internationally acclaimed theatre company Paines Plough.

The two characters in the play are Ella and Haseeb. Haseeb is a poet from North West London and Ella is an actor from rural Yorkshire. They both live in London. They both have to work hard to support themselves as artists. They fall giddily in love after meeting at a performance workshop that Ella is running as a way to make some extra money. As their relationship develops, cracks start to appear. Haseeb is a Muslim and is subject to racisim and islamophobia throughout the play. He feels it extremely keenly. Ella’s family in Yorkshire have strong views and feelings about communal responsibility that do not sit well with him. She also doesn’t feel totally accepted by Haseeb’s family. Alongside the differences in their cultural backgrounds, there are all the underlying tensions that come with being young, in love and trying to make a living in London, particularly if you feel your roots are elsewhere.

I WANNA BE YOURS is an examination of romantic love, understanding, patience, empathy and the struggle that Ella and Haseeb must embark on in order to find a way for their love to survive.

I WANNA BE YOURS is touring nationally from October to December, with a performance at Studio 3 Arts on Monday 21 October, 7pm.

Zia Ahmed is from North West London. He is a London Laureate, having been shortlisted to be the Young Poet Laureate for London 2015/16. He is a former Roundhouse Poetry Slam champion. Zia was our Channel 4 Playwright in Residence 2016/2017.

Watch some of Zia Ahmed’s spoken-word performances

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