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Community Engagement

Our approach to connecting with communities is driven by the idea that everyone has the basic right to encounter art. 

We are excellent at knowing how, when and why the public engages with art and culture and we use this knowledge to ensure that everything we do is accessible, exciting and relevant for our audiences. We’re really interested in creating conversations and building lasting relationships.

It’s the people that make our projects successful. Relationships really matter to us.  Relationships enable people to create cohesion, they weave social fabric and create commitment to a place and to other people.

Our programme is relevant, resonant and accessible and transmits across ages and cultures. We make our work in empty shops, cafes, chip shops, bus stops, hostels, pubs, streets and GP surgeries as well as host of more traditional arts venues.  We start where people are at.

Case study

The Wisdom Well: a new way for the community to speak, listen, and be heard

The Wisdom Well is our new arts-led community dialogue initiative, by Studio 3 Arts. The Wisdom Well was designed by Brian Taylor, a Big Deal professional development alumnus.

The Wisdom Well is a social and creative movement that will initiate shared community responsibility for youth issues and create opportunities for young people and the wider community to engage with policy makers and key local stakeholders in a creative, safe, positive and productive environment. 

The Wisdom Well delivery model includes:  

Pearls of Wisdom


An artist-led community engagement activity.  Artists spend time in conversation with local people to uncover Pearls of Wisdom, pieces of advice handed down through families and communities. Wisdom-sharers use arts materials to transcribe their Pearl, and are then photographed. 

Images are then added to our Pearls exhibition, which tours the borough and to date has been seen by over 5000 people.

Arts management training for young people

Local schools and other youth agencies refer young people to an accredited training programme that equips participants with a set of transferable skills in arts management and facilitation.  Young people then organize and deliver their own arts festival and with the support of Wisdom Well artists.

Festival of Community Conversation

Young people from our arts management training course work with our artists to host a Festival of Community Conversation.  The festival brings together fun and beautiful arts activities with community engagement methodologies and encourages local people to discuss community, identity, civic pride and their ideas for the future for their community and neighbourhood.

The findings from the whole project are written up into a report with community recommendations at it’s heart, and submitted to the local authority and other key local stakeholders for use in future service planning.

I hope that our community will remain diverse, resilient and representative. The strength of the borough is in its people.
— Festival of Community Conversation attendee

Can we help you connect?

We offer a specialist community engagement advisory and delivery service for arts, cultural and voluntary organisations.  We can work with you to audit your current engagement practices and develop a framework for refining or expanding your reach and depth of relationships with the public.  We’d be really pleased to sit down with you and discuss your ideas and plans and how we might be able to help.


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