Studio 3 Arts

Celebrating 30 years of socially-engaged, co-created art

3Style Fridays

Monthly event at Studio 3 Arts

Upcoming date: 25 October 2019 | 7pm Registration | Battles commence at 8pm

Judges: Frankie J, Clara Bajado and Shawn Aimey.

Other dates: 29 November and 13 December 2019


3Style Fridays is our positive dance battle environment for dancers of all ages and experience levels to come together in a supportive setting to battle, train and share their love of dance. Hosted by Bismark and DJ’d by Omar **** from IMD Legion Dance Company, 3Style Fridays runs a monthly battle with 3 amazing judges from the dance industry, who to date have included Turbo, Crazy Popper, Gilly Muwanga (Trilogy), Claire Hough (Buckness Personified), Mindtrick, Bismark Anobah (Unity UK) and Kenrick Sandy MBE (Boy Blue Entertainment).

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